Inventory Management System

  • Easy to install and use
  • Support single computer or networked computers
  • Un-limited number of users and computers
  • Connect to one or more business datafile
  • Manage users and assign access permissions
  • Manages Purchase Orders and Bills
  • Email Purchase Orders to supplier directly from within the system
  • Import Purchase Orders/Bills from excel or csv files
  • Ability to use scanner to scan barcodes and retrieve the product information
  • Stock is automatically updated when you do a purchase bill or sales invoice
  • Bulk updates for prices or discounts
  • Manage Sales Orders and Invoices
  • Create Sales and Email directly to customers
  • Ability to create Back Orders from existing sales if found
  • Add one or group of products in one go when creating sale order/invoice
  • Email Product promotions, discounts or price list to your customers
  • Dashboard for quick view and access to useful tasks
Inventory Management System Software

      Version: 4.5.2017.526

      Last Update: 26-May-2017

      Compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10

      Single licence cost $ 1290.00 (AUD) +GST


Important Information

      1) You must install Microsoft Office Database Engine if your computer has one of the following:

        No Microsoft Office Product installed
        Running MS Office 365
        Running Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit or Later

      2) You must set your computer to English (Australia) for Date format purpose
Inventory Software Locations

Multi Location Inventory

  • Setup single or multi business locations such as main warehouse, retail shop or showroom
  • Assign purchase orders and bills to the relevant location
  • View products per location and stock quantity
  • Transfer products between business locations
  • Manage sales orders and invoices per location
  • Generate reports per single location or combine all locations
  • One license & one businss datafile for all your locations

Inventory Software Purchases

Purchases Orders / Bills

  • Manage business suppliers details
  • Create purchase orders & bills, scan barcodes or search for current stock
  • Automatic stock quantity and product details updates
  • Email purchase order directly to suppliers email address
  • View outstanding bills for all suppliers or single supplier
  • Search and list purchase orders & bills
  • Update paid bills and set them as closed

Stock Products

  • Manage stock details, in stock items, out of stock items and damaged items
  • Manage in-house damaged items
  • Import stock products and update quantity if required from Excel or CSV file
  • Apply bulk product discount based on products or categories
  • Apply bulk price updates based on percentage or fixed price, manual entry or import from Excel or CSV file
  • Deactivate products that no longer required
  • Generate stocklist report and out of stock products
  • Email product list, discounted products or discounted categories to your selected customers
Inventory Software Stock

Sales Orders / Invoices

  • Manage customers details and invoice settings
  • Attach important documents to customers for record keeping
  • Create sales order or invoice, scan products or search and add single or bulk products
  • Email sales orders or invoices to your customers and invoice statement for outstanding payments
  • Create credit note for returned or damaged products
  • Generate back orders from an existing sales invoice
  • Copy an existing sales order or invoice for quick access and time saving
  • Close paid invoices, generate sales reports monthly or wihtin the selected period
Inventory Software Sales

Accounting & Invoice Software


  • Add company or business logo to your tax invoice layout
  • Select your preferred invoice layout templates, there are eight ready to use invoice templates
  • Customise your business tax invoice layout
  • Generate tax invoice for your customers
  • Email invoice to your customers, print or save as PDF file
  • Generate outstanding invoices payment reports
  • Generate customer invoice statement for outstanding payments

Inventory Software Dashboard

Dashboard & Reporting

  • Display total stock items, out of stock items and damaged items
  • List current purchase orders and bills
  • List current sales orders and invoices
  • Display top 5 products sale by quantity
  • Quick access to business sales and purchases performance
  • Quick access to product management tasks
  • Generate wide range of financial reports for customers, suppliers and sales persons

Accounting Software Settings

System Settings

  • Automatic business datafile backup or manual backup
  • Automatic business datafile products maintenance
  • Enable or disable quantity sales where products have no qty in stock
  • Update GST rate amount if required
  • Setup sales orders and invoice footenote, include business bank account details
  • Setup product image folder location and choose image settings
  • Manage sales persons accounts and assign access permissions