The Accountant’s Manager Professional

  • Suitable for Accountants & Tax Agents
  • Easy to install and use
  • Support single computer or networked computers
  • Un-limited number of users and computers
  • Connect to one or more business datafile
  • Manage users and assign access permissions
  • Unlimited number of clients
  • Manage clients account transactions (Expenses/Income)
  • Complete payroll system with automatic PAYG tax withheld & super
  • Manage ATO Tax Return payments for clients
  • Generate Profit & Loss Statment and balance sheet reports
  • Wide range of financial reports are included
  • Easy to import clients bank statement transactions
  • Email payments slips, payment summary and invoices
  • Manage subcontractors and their payments
  • Manage Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) clients
  • Generate clients financial statements
  • Generate incorporated clients financial statements and audit report
  • Lodge ATO Documents directly (license required)
  • 30 Days free trial
The Accountant's Manager Professional Software

      Version: 6.5.2017.314  

      Last Update: 14-March-2017

      Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

      Single licence cost $ 1990.00 (AUD) +GST

      AtoConnect licence cost $ 250.00 (AUD) +GS


Important Information

      1) You must install Microsoft Office Database Engine if your computer has one of the following:

        No Microsoft Office Product installed
        Running MS Office 365
        Running Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit or Later

      2) You must set your computer to English (Australia) for Date format purpose
Accounting Software Transactions

Account Transactions

  • Setup & Manage Expense and Income Chart of Accounts
  • Import clients business account bank statement transactions
  • Import clients account transactions from Excel or CSV file
  • Reconcile clients business transactions manually or automatically if required
  • Preview or print business account transactions statement
  • Prepare transactions financial reports, print, save as PDF or Excel files
  • Manage clients Business Assets and depreciation calculations
  • View clients Business Activity Statement (BAS), Profit & Statements and balance sheet

Multi Branch Accounting Software

Multi Branch Accounting Software

  • One license, one Business datafile for all your departments or/and bank accounts
  • Setup one or multiple branches or departments and assign transactions to each department
  • View single department financial reporting performance or all departments financial performance
  • Enable single branch GST obligation or combine all branches under one GST lodgement
  • Prepare & lodge your tax obligations for a single branch or all branches together

Payroll System

  • Manage business employees records
  • Generate or/and lodge Tax File Number Declaration form for new employees
  • Generate single payroll transactions or quick payroll transactions for all your active employees
  • Choose your preferred payment slip layout, there are five available payment slip templates
  • Email payment slips to your employees email address, print or save payment slips
  • Generate PAYG payment summary for your employees at the end of each financial year
  • Email employees payment summary, print or save as PDF file
  • Lodge employees payment summary with Australian Taxation Office directly from AtoConnect
Accounting Software & Payroll

Invoicing Software

  • Add company or business logo to your tax invoice layout
  • Select your preferred invoice layout templates, there are eight ready to use invoice templates
  • Generate tax invoice for your clients
  • Email invoice to your clients, print or save as PDF file
  • Generate outstanding invoices payment reports
Accounting & Invoice Software

Accounting Software Subcontracting

Subcontracting & Payments

  • Enable standard subcontracting or Taxable Payment Annual Report (TPAR) subcontracting
  • Manage subcontractors details and attach important documents to your business subcontractors for record keeping
  • Generate and manage subcontractors payments
  • Transfer subcontractors payments to business expenses
  • For TPAR subcontractors with no ABN, generate PAYG payment summary for each subcontractor
  • For TPAR subcontractors, Prepare & lodge your PAYG payment summary with ATO using AtoConnect
  • For TPAR subcontractors, Prepare & lodge your Taxable Payment Annual Report with ATO using AtoConnect

Accounting Software Financial Reports

Financial Reports

  • Generate business accounts transactions statements
  • Customers outstanding invoices and invoice statement
  • Print Expense & Income transactions
  • Generate employees payroll payments details or summary
  • Generate employees payroll payments bank file for quick payments through Internet Banking
  • Generate wide range of financial reports for your clients
  • Prepare & generate clients Business Activity Statement, Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Prepare & generate client's Financial Statement report

Accounting Software Settings

System Settings

  • Automatic business datafile backup or manual backup
  • Automatic business datafile transactions maintenance
  • Enable or disable multi branching business
  • Manage user accounts and assign access permissions
  • Setup tax codes and PAYG payroll hours types
  • Import latest ATO PAYG tax rates for automatic PAYG tax withheld deductions

Lodgement with AtoConnect

  • Activate AtoConnect License (license cost $250.00 +GST per business datafile)
  • Register your business for AusKey
  • Prepare & lodge clients Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  • Lodge employees clients PAYG Payment Summary
  • Prepare & lodge clients Tax File Number declaration form
  • Prepare & lodge clients Taxable Payment Annual Report (TPAR)
  • Prepare & lodge clients Fringe Benefits Tax return FBT
  • View & print clients Business Activity Statement history lodgement
Accounting Software Lodgement