Single Touch Payroll: Notifying the ATO of the Software Subscription ID

Before you start STP reporting, you'll need to ensure your software is connected to the ATO. You or your registered Tax Agent must provide the ATO with a unique Software Subscription ID

How to notify the ATO of the Software Subscription ID?

New and existing subscribers to Sooya AccountingLink will be required to notify the ATO of thier own Software Subscription ID through one of the following:

If you are a business owner and you lodge through a tax agent, you do not need to notify the ATO, however your tax agent must notify the ATO of their own Subscription Software ID

Where do I find the Software Subscription ID?

You need to provide the Software Subscription ID not Software ID!

Notifying through ATO Access Manager?

If they have an Administrator M2M Credential, you can log into Access Manager to complete the notification. Follow the next steps to notify the ATO through Access Manager: