E-Learning Video Collection

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Sign Up & Account Setup
join WholesalePlus, setup bank accounts, system global settings, email profile, products categories and types and lear how sort product categories

Manage Purchases
add new purchase, add new supplier, add new products and import products from csv file, scan products to add to purchase, and reset and re-open purchases

Products Image Upload
upload single product image, upload mulitple product's images, bulk upload using a manifest file

Products Management
maintain products, rename products, set active /inactive for multiple products, move products between categories, define a sorting order, check products selling and buying history, and view inventory reports

Selling Products in Multiple Units
learn how to setup products to be sold in two different unit of measures, such as buying in cartons and selling in cartons and pieces.

Selling in different units of measure than buying
Setup a product to be sold in different unit of measure than the buying unit of measure, such as buying in pieces and selling in cartons.

Manage Business Invoices
add new invoice, add customer order, update an invoice, change order to an invoice, pay multiple invoice, reset and re-open closed invoices

Credits & Returns
add new credit, add credit and replacement items, apply credits and replacements to invoices, check processed credits items

POS Cart
access the point of sale cart, upload image to each category, scan products to add to customer's cart, add products manually, checkout to create customer's invoice

Users & Groups Management
view system groups, create new group, add new user account, reset and update an existing user account, create customer's mobile login