Adding a Purchase

Follow the next steps to create a purchase:

  1. Access the Purchases from the application menu
  2. Click Manage Purchases
  3. Click
  4. The new purchase window appears
    • Supplier Search search for the required supplier, type a name or ABN
    • Select the required supplier from the search result
    • Once you select a supplier, some fields such as bill reference number are filled based on the selected supplier's settings

    • New Supplier for new suppliers, click and enter all the available supplier's information
    • You should add all available information for the new supplier such as ABN, address details, email address and contact details

    • Adding Products there are two methods to add products to a purchase:
      • Existing Products search for a product by typing the product's name, description or barcode
      • New Product click to add new empty row and manually enter all the required product details
      • Importing Products this feature allows you import all the products based on the supplied template
    • Imported Goods select this option for overseas suppliers (GST Free)
    • Payments the purchase payment allows you to process partial payment or full payment, it also accommodate different type of payments such as Cash and Bank Deposits
    • Notes enter the purchase note if required
  5. Click