Fast Track

Fast track allows you to quickly create previously missed payroll for employees to bring the payroll up to date, with Fast Track, you can:

You can only fast track payroll for a single employee at a time, make sure to select the Add to Existing Pay runs when adding other employees

Follow the next steps to use the Fast Track:

  1. Access the Payroll window form the application toolbar
  2. Click Fast Track
  3. The fast track window appears
    • Employee select the required employee
    • Once an employee is selected, a default payroll is pre-filled based on the employee's settings.

    • Date Range select the date range for the missing payrolls
    • Payroll Details click to update the employee's payroll details
    • Pay Type there are two types available when using fast track:
      • Add to Existing Pay run - use this option to amend employee's payment to an existing pay run
      • Create new Pay run - use this option when there is no matching pay run available
    • Click Prepare Payroll and a list of pay runs are generated based on the date range and the type of selected pay
    • Here are few things might be useful to know:
      new no matching found
      either an exisitng pay run is found, or a matching pay period found

    • Payment to flag this pay run as paid, check the option Paid and select the bank account
    • You can also flag all payroll transactions as paid when generating a bank file

    • Add Pay runs check all payments that you want to include click Generate Pay run