Termination - Employment Termination Payment (ETP)

ETP is any payment made 'in consequence of the termination of a person's employment that is received no later than 12 months after the termination', other than certain specified payments. An ETP can be a:

The following are payments which can be included in an ETP:

The following are payments which should NOT be included in an ETP:

Adding an ETP Payment

Follow the next steps to create an ETP payment:

The termination flag must be set and a valid termination reason must be selected, you can find the termination options under the employee's payroll details.

  1. Access the ETP - Leave from the application toolbar
  2. Click New ETP
  3. The ETP window appears
    • Employee select the employee "terminated employment"
    • Termination Date & Reason pre-filled based on the selected employee
    • Payment Type select the ETP payment type
    • Available Leave Hours available for some payment type such personal leave and RDOs
    • Taxable Amount enter the ETP taxable amount
    • Taxable Free Amount enter the ETP tax free amount if applicable
    • Tax Withheld auto calculated but can be adjusted if needed
    • Payment Code select the ETP payment code
    • If there are mulitple ETP payment codes, then you should create one ETP for each payment code

    • Payment Date select the date of payment
    • Click Save