Email Profiles

An email profile is required when you want to send employee's payment slips or customer's invoice. You can also enable the SMTP feature for direct communication with your customers or employees through your nominated email address instead of emails sent by Sooya email system.

If you don't setup an email profile, you will not be able to send emails to your customers or employees.

Adding an Email Profile

Follow the next steps to add an email profile:

Testing Email Settings

Before you attempt to send an email to your employees or customers, you must ensure that your email profile works as expected, you should test the new email profile by sending a test message to a personal account

If you receive a success message, means that your email profile settings are correct, you should also check the destination email to ensure that the email was successfully received.

When using a public email such as Gmail, make sure to enable the third party app acess within the email settings. For Gmail, Google reset their settings when they detect the gmail wasn't used to send emails from a third party for a number of days.

Do not enable a 2-Way authentication as by enabling this feature, you won't be able to send any email from within the software.

Updating an Email Profile

Click on the edit icon next to the email profile that you would like to update

Reseting Password

When you change the email's password, you must also change it under the relevant profile, if you forget to do that, sending emails will fail!

Deleting Email Profile

Click on the delete icon next to the email profile that you would like to remove