With the Timesheets feature you can:

Now lets show you how to setup timesheets

Adding an Employee

Before you can start creating timesheets for an employee, you must enable the timesheet flag for all required employees:

Enabling a Pay Type

If you don't see the pay type in the timesheet pay type list, you need to enable the required pay types

Setting up a Service Type

Adding a service type can be helpful to show reason for the shift and make it easier to assign the appropriate service type

Enabling the Location addition

This addition is useful when you have employees working on different location to keep track of each location's shifts

To enable the location selection on the timesheet calendar:

Timesheet Features

Timesheet offers different method of creating or updating a shift

Shifts status is represent through a color

Pending Confirmed Processed Open Shift

Different icons has also been used to represent the status of the shift

- a shift with notes

- a shift which can be updated

- a locked shift

- unassigned shift

There are other bulk features which can be used to copy, delete and update shifts status

Viewing Timesheets

We have included different types of view layout: