Viewing Employees

In order to view employees list, click on the Employees menu and select one of the following:

Here we are going to go though each feature available in the employees window:

Adding an Employee

There are different types of employees you can add, use the Add Employee button to add a reqular employee type
For other type of employees, use Others Employees button to add one of the following:

Click Adding new employee to learn about what is needed to add new employee

Updating Employee's Details

Click the Edit button under the Action column next to the employee that you would like to update

Deleting an Employee

Click the Delete button under the Action column next to the employee that you would like to remove

Employees with an active payroll, other payments, other type of transactions can not be deleted and protected by the system for data integrity purpose.

Activate/Deactivate an Employee

Select the employee and click the Edit button, check the Inactive option and save.

Leave Transfer (Leave Top-up)

When adding an employee, you'll need to set up their annual leave and personal leave (sick leave) entitlements. In some situations, you might need to top-up an employee's leave accruals balance.
Follow the next steps to transfer an employee's leave:

To delete an added transfer leave, click the Delete button

When you attempt to delete a transferred leave, the system calculates the current available leave, if the available leave is less than the transferred leave, you will not be allowed to delete the selected transferred leave record.