E-Learning Video Collection

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Sign Up & Account Setup
Create new account, setup business currency, setup live rates, business smtp and business bank accounts

Add Outgoing Transfer
Create new outgoing transfer, add new customer, beneficiary and transfer agent, and manage customer's payment

Add Incoming Transfer
Adding new incoming transfer, search existing customers and beneficiaries

Currency Transfer Advanced Tasks
We will walk through the advanced tasks features including quick pay, bulk deletes and payments

Manage Customers
Manage your customers records, upload second license, update and manage beneficiaries and check customer's history

Exchange Transactions
Create currency exchange transaction with multiple currencies, add quick exchange transaction and view the advanced tasks

Managing Business Finance
Setup currency opening, manage business safe transfers, view business safe currency report, reconcile cash registers, and remove reconciled cash register

User Accounts
Add new group and assign access level, add new user account and transfer agent's account

Introducing Brokers (Paid Service)
add borkers, assign customers, add broker's commission to money transfer transactions, generate broker's report and flag paid transactions as paid

Austrac Lodgement
Prepate and lodge Austrac reports, manual lodgement, reconcile reports, how to use direct lodgement

Business Branches
Add new business branch, assign users to a branch and select the transactions access level