Add an Employees

There are a lot of information you should configure when adding new employee, some information you must correctly configure at the time you add an employee, these information are critical when generating payroll transactions, other details can be added or modified at any time.

This guide will go through all the information that you need to collect and configure

Personal Details

This where you add the basic information, there are few items you must provide as below:

The above information must be provided in order to successfully lodge Single Touch Payroll.

Salary Details

This is where you configure the employee's salary payment and leave entitlements

For employees with multiple pay types such as a regular overtime hours per week, you need to setup a custom pay type as below:

For employees with leave entitlements, follow the next steps to enable the required leave type:

Payroll Details

Use this section to enter the employee's payroll details and managing any repeated allowances or deductions

Allowances follow the next steps to setup an allowance which will be automatically included on every new pay run:

Deductions follow the next step to setup a deduction which will be automatically included on every new pay run:

PAYG Withheld

Based on the employee's configuration in this section, tax withheld amount will be calculated, make sure to select the correct employee's PAYG settings based on the Tax File Declaration and the PAYG Withholding forms