Incoming Transfer

Incoming transfers are transfers sent from an overseas and received at the country where the business resides, "inbound" is another term that is also used for this type of transfer.

Useful Things!
  • clear current customer
  • update selected customer
  • add new beneficiary
  • update selected beneficiary
  • add an overseas transfer agent
Sanctions Checks!
  • no matches
  • partial matches
  • exact match
Exchange Rates!
  • exchange rate is locked for current user
  • exchange rate within the allowed range
  • exchange rate is outside the allowed range
Exchange Rate Warning!

Applies to business with enabled exchange rate range settings, when the exchange rate falls outside of the allowed range, you should see the following warning and the exchange rate is set back to the base rate.

Adding an Incoming Transfer

If you don't know the customer / sender, you can search by the beneficiary / receiver's name

Follow the next steps to create an incoming transfer:

  1. Access the Transfer from the application menu
  2. Click Manage Transfers
  3. Click
  4. The new incoming transfer window appears
    • All bold fields are required and must be provided.

    • Customer - overseas customers
      • New Customer for new customers, click and enter all the available customer's information
      • Existing Customer search for the required customer, type a name or mobile number
      • Select the required customer from the search result
      • The update customer's window appears:
        • Customer's Type select the customer's type
        • Customer's Name enter customer's first and last name
        • Contact Details enter customer's contact details such as phone numbers and foreign name
        • Address Details enter customer's overseas address details
        • Make sure to include as much information as possible when adding an overseas address.

      • Click
    • Beneficiary / Receiver
      • Beneficiary select a beneficiary
      • To add new beneficiary, click and enter the new beneficiary details.

      • Payment Method select how would you pay the beneficiary
      • Bank Account select a beneficiary bank account and check the current bank details
      • To add new beneficiary's bank account, click and enter the new bank account details.

    • Transfer Agent
      • Sent By select the overseas transfer agent sending the funds
      • To add new transfer agent, click and enter the new transfer agent details.

      • Paid By by default, the business will be selected, if the business does not pay the receiver, select the transfer agent paying the local beneficiary
    • Transaction
      • Date select the transfer date
      • Inverse check this option if the rate is in an inverse mode
      • Inverse means divide 1 by the current exchange rate.

      • Ref# available only when you set the transaction reference to manual, enter the transaction reference number
      • The reference option will no be visible if you configured the transactions reference setting to Manual - Visible under the system settings.

      • Currency select the foreign currency
      • Rate enter the exchange rate
      • If you configured the live rate for the currency, once you select a current, the exchange rate will be automatically added.

        If you enabled an exchange rate range, if the rate falls outside of the allowed range, you should see a warning popup and the exchange rate is set back to base rate.

      • Fees enter the fees amount in your local currency
      • If you set a fee structure, the fees amount changes based on the transferred amount. To override the automated fees calculation, place a check mark next to the Fees and enter the fee amount.

      • Local Currency to F.C. enter the transfer amount in your local currency and the system auto calculates the transferred amount in foreign currency based on the entered exchange rate.
      • Fixed a fixed amount can be used to remove any change (fix to tens or handreds), click to apply the fixed amount
      • Reason enter or select one of the default transfer reasons
      • Payments you can process partial or full payment, it also accommodate different type of payments such as Cash and Bank Deposits
      • You must select the correct payment method, when generating an Austrac reports, payment method will be essential to determine the type of reports should this transaction be included.

  5. Click