Price Category (Level)

Price levels allow you to sell products at different prices based on the customer that is purchasing them. For example, you could create a price level group for "VIP customers" and assign these customers to this price category, when customers in that group log in and place an order or when you create new invoice, the VIP customers pricing will be used when applicable.

You must assign customers to a price category, and add the price category to products in order to use the price category feature.

Setting up a Price Category

This guide takes you through the process of creating new price category:

  1. Access the Price Category from the Setup menu
  2. Click
  3. The new price category window appears
    • Price Category enter a unique price category name
  4. Click
Deleting or Updating Price Category

To update price category, click the Edit button.

To delete price category, click the Delete button. Price category can not be deleted if it has been used Customers, Products, etc.