Product Category

A product category is a group of similar products that share related characteristics. Product category marketing focuses on promoting certain categories to meet consumer expectations. Your distinct offerings and customer personas should guide the business and grouping of your product categories

Setting up a Category

This guide takes you through the process of creating new product category:

  1. Access the Product Category from the Setup menu
  2. A list of all system categories are displayed, these categories are protected from modifications and deletion.

  3. Click
  4. The new category window appears
    • Category enter a unique category name
    • Description enter a rate type description
  5. Click
Sorting Categories

Categories are sorted in an alphabetical order by default, you can however create your own sorting order by placing your preferred category on top of the list.

Follow the next steps to move products between categories:

  1. Access the Product Categories from the setup application menu
  2. Click Sort Order
  3. The sorting order window appears
    • To custom sort a category, drag the required category from the Unsorted Categories section and move it to the Sorted Categories section
    • Once you drop the cagtegory onto the Sorted Categories section, the item background should change to green
    • You can also re-arrange the sorted Categories list by dragging the item up/down

    To remove a category from the custom sorting, drag it back to the Unsorted Categories section.

Deleting or Updating a Category

To update a category, click the Edit button.

To delete a category, click the Delete button. Category can not be deleted if it has been used Invoices, Products, Purchases, etc.

System categories are protected and can not be updated or deleted