Business Manager Professional

Desktop application for Businesses

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Customers & Invoices

Manage customers details, Set your preferred invoice template and layout, Auto generate tax invoices from a timesheet, Email customer's invoice, Prepare customer's invoice statement.

Payroll Transactions

Manage employees details, Advanced payroll system, Auto tax withheld & superannuation calculations, Email payment slips and payment summary, Lodge Single Touch Payroll (STP), PAYG payment summary & TFND.

Business Ledger

Record business transactions, Manage journals and ledgers, Import bank statements, Advanced business assets manager, Pre-configured chart of accounts, Multi-branch in a single business file.

PAYG Payment Summary

Prepare PAYG payment summary, Import PAYG payment summary from an excel file, Copy or amend previously lodged PAYG payment summary, Email employees payment summary, Lodge PAYG payment summary to ATO.

Inventory Manager

Manage product purchases, Auto stock management, Generate back orders and packing list, Sales and stocktake reports, Items and invoice discounts settings, Product categories and types setup.

Taxable Payment Annual Report

Manage suppliers details, Prepare taxable payment annual report, Import taxable payment annual report, Lodge Taxable Payment Annual Report via SBR.

Shareholders & Dividends

Record shareholders and dividends, Generate shareholders dividends statement, Manage business franking account, Print business franking accounts transactions summary.

Suppliers & Bills

Manage suppliers details, Set your preferred bill template and layout, Auto generate suppliers bills from a timesheet, Lodge Taxable Payment Annual Report via SBR.

Financial Reports

Wide range of financial statements, Profit & loss statement and balance sheet, Business bank file and superstream files, And a lot more reports.

Application Settings

Business file backup and maintenance, Manage user accounts and assign access permissions, Setup fuel tax credit rates for automatic rebate clculations, Setup tax codes and chart of accounts.

ATO SBR Lodgement

Prepare & lodge Business Activity Statements (BAS), Prepare & lodge Single Touch Payroll (STP), Prepare & lodge Taxable Payment Annual Report (TPAR), PAYG payment Summary & TFND.

Activity Statements

View clients activity statements, Pre-fill clients activity statements, Print previously lodged activity statements, Lodge business activity statements to ATO, SBR 1 pre-lodge to test activity statements amounts.