Security Guards Management System Licence

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    Premium Licence

      $ 638
    • Security gurads, rostering and accounting
    • A single business file for all years transactions
    • Closing a client financial year and archiving years
    • Record clients branches transactions
    • Multi user/computer access
    • Share the business file across all your network
    • Manage business account transactions
    • Send & Receive SMS
    • Advanced rostering management system
    • Business employees & payroll
    • Business customers & invoices
    • Record customers sites and locations
    • Manage customers timehseets
    • Record subcontractors and licences
    • Manage guards licences and documents
    • Auto licence expiry reminder and Updates
    • Email rosters, licences and documents
    • Email payment slips & payment summary
    • Lodge all business obligations with ATO
    • 30 days free trial or subscription
    • And a lot more features

    $ 580 +GST per annum