Transactions Monitoring & Sanctions Screening

Remittance, Money Transfer & Currency Exchange Cloud Software

Identify Suspicious Transactions & Activities

Remittance & Currency Exchange businesses is subject to regulatory scrutiny to prevent financial crimes. Sooya Transaction Monitoring provides a complete solution that lets you streamline due diligence processes. Detect suspicious activity, manage investigations, leverage external data sources and submit regulatory reporting — all in one system.

Risk Assessments

Customers Risk Assessment Advanced built-in rules for superior detection of suspicious customers with minimal false positives.

Transactions Risk Assessment Superior built-in rules for detection of suspicious financial transactions and activity with minimal false positives.

How Our Transaction Monitoring System Works

Data Collection

Customer and transactions data are collected and securely stored, some sensitive data are encrypted at the back-end server to ensure data protection. Collection of all relevant information such as destination countries, receivers information, customers identifications and transactions details.


Leverage existing data with our AI powered rules engine to identify fraudulent transactions and high risk customers in real time. Monitor trends of customer transactions over time to identify suspicious behavior. Identify risk before it materialises and stop transactions in real-time by screening all elements of a transaction , customers, beneficiaries, countries and all other relevant information

Risk Assessment

Real time risk assessment with low false positives, generate a risk assessment report for customers and transaction to allow compliance officers to implement their ECDD processes to ensure both customers and transactions are safe.