Taxable Payment Annual Report

A Taxable Payment Annual Report must be lodged by 28 August each year.

Once you have prepared the taxable payment report, lodgement is quite simple, follow the next steps:

Lodging a Taxable Payment

You must have a valid M2M credentials in order to successfully lodge a taxable payment report.

The following link provides some detailed information and guideline on how to create and setup an M2M
M2M Credentials

How does the lodgement work?

Here are the steps involved when lodging a taxable payment:

  1. The selected M2M details will be sent to the Authentication server to make sure that this M2M is authorised to lodge on behalf of the business
  2. If the M2M is authorised, the taxable payment will be sent to the ATO, you should see a successful notification when the ATO receives this report
  3. Although the ATO successfully received the report, the application need to wait for 90 seconds to contact the ATO and collect the validation report
  4. Once a validation report is collected, the taxable payment annual report status will be updated based on the returned validation
  5. The following represents the possible status that you might see:
    • Sent report successfully sent to ATO but no validation report is collected, you don't need to lodge again, all you need is to check for the validation report after couple of hours
    • Successful report successfully lodged
    • Successful With Warning successfully lodged with warning, check the message log to see the warning type
    • Partial Success one or more payees failed to validate while others are successful
    • Error report failed the validation, you need to check the message log, correct the report and lodge again

Check the message details tab when there is an error or warning to understand what was the reason for the error or warning

If you have enabled the Enable troubleshooting logging option, you should find couple of log files on your computer's desktop, when you need an assistance from our support staff, make sure to include these file on your email.