Adding a Pay run

A pay run is a collection of employees' payrolls, the pay run feature includes:

For first time employees, make sure to set the correct pay cycle date for the employee, all future pay cycle dates will be managed by the payroll system based on the last pay and payment cycle frequency

Follow the next steps to create a pay run:

  1. Access the Payroll from the application menu
  2. Click
  3. The new pay run window appears
    • Payment Cycle select the payment cycle
    • If any draft pay run detected, it will be displayed, click the to delete the draft copy and start over.

    • Out of cycle employees select this option if you want to include the out of cycle employees in this pay run
    • If this is the first pay run, make sure to select the correct date range. All future pay runs, will be configured based on the last pay run and the employee's pay frequency.

    • Payroll Date Range select the period's start and end dates
    • Pay Date select the pay run's pay date
    • Click and confirm to prepare a draft pay run
    • A list of employees' payroll is displayed
    • Review Payroll click on the Edit button to view the required payroll payment
    • To remove employees that you do not want to include in this pay run, select the required employees to delete then click

    • Add Pay run click and click Yes to confirm

    When you prpeare a pay run, you only create a draft pay run copy, it will not be added as a business payroll, you must click on to move the draft copy into a business payroll.

Pay Types in Focus

Here we are going to show you some examples of pay types that you could add to a payroll, a pay type can be defined as hourly, gross, government payment, or leave taken pay types. You can also add your own pay types when you don't find a proper pre-defined system pay types.

Hourly Pay Types

A pay type with number of hours and hourly rate, you can also include casual loading or/and penalty rates as below:

You can use any of the available pay types that require a number of hours and hourly rate such as Overtime, Double Time or any pay type that you configured.

Gross Pay Types

For certain payments or employees, you might want to pay as gross payment without having to enter the number of hours and hourly rate as below:

Use Salary pay type when you need to key in the gross amount only, you can also add your own fixed amount types if required.

Leave Taken Pay Types

When an employee takes a leave, you should always use the proper leave pay types to reflect the time taken such as Annual Leave or Personal Leave as below:

As per the new STP Phase rules, you must specify any leave payment that was taken by an employee, and that will also keep the leave balance accurate for an employee.

Viewing & Updating a Pay run

When you view the business payroll, you will see all generated pay runs, if you want to see the payrolls included in a pay run, you must view the required pay run by clicking on the Edit button:

A list of all employees' payroll is displayed and you can:

When there is only one payroll in a pay run, you must delete the entire pay run, you will not be able to delete the employee's payroll