Single Touch Payroll - Reset STP (Zeroing Out)

There are five key identifiers in the pay event that define the payer and payee relationship:

When any of the above changes during the financial year, an update report must be submitted with zero amounts to reset the employee's STP details, failing to do so will result in the employee having duplicate payment summaries

Reset (Zeroing Out) must be lodged before changing any of the key identifiers.

Reset (Zeroing Out) STP

Follow the next steps to reset an employee's STP details:

Once the reset is successfully lodged, change the required key identifier(s) and lodge the required pay run

When I select previous financial year, there is no pay run lodgement history, how to reset?

If the system does not have any lodgement history for the required financial year, this feature can not be used, you must manually create an Update report, add the required employees that you would like to reset and make sure to enter zero amounts for all YTD amounts.