Single Touch Payroll - Update Lodged Report

From time to time you might need to correct the lodged information. If the employees' Year to Date (YTD) information you last reported doesn't reflect the information in your payroll system, you should lodge an update report, you can send an update either:

Updating Lodged Pay run

Follow the next steps to update previously lodged pay run:

Why does the pay run date changes when I try to update a pay run from previous financial year?

As per the STP rules, when you try to update a pay run belongs to previous financial year, the pay run must be set to the last date of the financial year "30 June". further more, the system automatically flag the new update as "Final Pay" to mark the financial year as finalised.

Can I lodge a pay run update for previous financial year even though I did not lodge any submit report for that year?

No, it is not allowed and the lodgement will fail, you should however lodge standard PAYG payment summary for that financial year.