Currency Exchange

Single currency in one exchange transaction.

Exchange Rates!
  • exchange rate within the allowed range
  • exchange rate is outside the allowed range
Exchange Rate Warning!

Applies to business with enabled exchange rate range settings, when the exchange rate falls outside of the allowed range, you should see the following warning and the exchange rate is set back to the base rate.

Adding a Quick Exchange Transaction

Follow the next steps to create and exchange transaction:

  1. Access the Exchange from the application menu
  2. Click Quick Exchange
  3. Click
  4. The new exchange window appears
    • All bold fields are required and must be provided.

    • Customer search for an existing customer or type new customer's name
    • Date select the exchange date
    • Payment select the type of payment
    • Fees enter the fee amount in your local currency, when applicable
    • Inverse check this option if the rate is in an inverse mode
    • Inverse means divide 1 by the current exchange rate.

    • Currency
      • Currency select a currency from the drop down list
      • Click to view the selected currency photo if defined

      • Rate if you did not set the live exchange rate, enter the exchange rate
      • Sell for selling, enter the foreign currency amount that you are selling to customer
      • Buy for buying, enter the foreign currency amount that you are selling to customer
      • The rate will be automatically added when you enter Sell or Buy amounts if you have configured the live rate exchange rates.

      • Fixed a fixed amount can be used to remove any change (fix to tens or handreds), click to apply the fixed amount
  5. Click