Currency Exchange

Currency exchange with mulitple currency in one exchange transaction.

Useful Things!
  • clear current customer
  • update selected customer
  • use an exchange calculator
  • view currency photo
  • add new row
Sanctions Checks!
  • no matches
  • partial matches
  • exact match
Adding an Exchange Transaction

Follow the next steps to create and exchange transaction:

  1. Access the Exchange from the application menu
  2. Click Manage Exchange
  3. Click
  4. The new exchange window appears
    • All bold fields are required and must be provided.

    • Customer
      • New Customer for new customers, click and enter all the available customer's information
      • Existing Customer search for the required customer, type a name, mobile or licence id
      • Select the required customer from the search result
      • The update customer's window appears:
        • Customer's Name enter customer's first, given (optional), and last name
        • Date Of Birth enter the customer's date of birth
        • Contact Details enter customer's contact details such as phone numbers and email address
        • Address Details enter customer's address details
        • For Australian customers, type the first few letters of the suburb name and select from the search result.

        • Idnetification enter customer's identification details
        • The ID field is automatically filled, if you don't see the required ID, use the system setup to add the required ID.

        • Attach ID click on Choose file or Browse and select the required ID file.
        • Depends on the image size and internet connection, the upload might take a bit longer.

      • Click
    • Transaction
      • Date select the exchange date
      • Payment select the type of payment
      • You must select the correct payment method, when generating an Austrac reports, payment method will be essential to determine the type of reports should this transaction be included.

      • Inverse check this option if the rate is in an inverse mode
      • Inverse means divide 1 by the current exchange rate.

      • Currency
        • Click to add new empty row
        • Currency select a currency from the drop down list
        • Rate if you did not set the live exchange rate, enter the exchange rate
        • Sell for selling, enter the foreign currency amount that you are selling to customer
        • Buy for buying, enter the foreign currency amount that you are selling to customer
        • The rate will be automatically added when you enter Sell or Buy amounts if you have configured the live rate exchange rates.

        • Fixed a fixed amount can be used to remove any change (fix to tens or handreds), click to apply the fixed amount
        • Repeat the above steps if you want to add another currency

      • Fees enter the fee amount in your local currency, when applicable
  5. Click