Adding an Invoice

Follow the next steps to create an invoice:

  1. Access the Invoices from the application menu
  2. Click Manage Invoices
  3. Click
  4. The new invoice window appears
    • Customer Search search for the required customer, type a name or ABN
    • Select the required customer from the search result
    • Once you select a customer, some fields such as invoice reference number and payment terms are filled based on the selected customer's settings

    • New Customer for new customers, click and enter all the available customer's information
    • You should add all available information for the new customer such as ABN, address details, email address and contact details

    • Products there are two methods to add products to an invoice:
      • Product Search search for a product by typing the product's name, description or barcode
      • Barcode Scanner click and the scanner widget appears, use a barcode scanner and scan the sold products
    • Search or scan all products for the new invoice
    • Click on to view produc's sales history for the selected customer.

    • Credits & Returns follow the next steps to apply an existing credit or returns:
      • Click and all available credits and returns are listed
      • Click next to the credit item that you would like to apply
      • Credit items are protected and can not be modified when creating or updating an invoice, you must use the credit feature to update prior to applying a credit.

        Credits will be displayed as negative values and reduces the invoice total, while returns will show as zero and have no affect on invoice total.

    • Exported Goods select this option for overseas customers (GST Free)
    • Discounts the invoice offer an overall discount for the gross amount as fixed or percentage discount
    • Surcharge add any surcharge fee such as credit card charge fee
    • Freight add the freight cost if applicable
    • Payments the invoice payment allows you to process partial payment or full payment, it also accommodate different type of payments such as Cash and Bank Deposits
    • Notes enter an invoice note if required
    • Print Notes check this option if you want to print the invoice note instead of the main notes
    • Shipping select the shipping address, you can manage customer's addresses under the customer's details
  5. Click
Adding a ProForma Invoice "Order"

ProForma invoice is a document that a supplier provides to a prospective buyer in return of an enquiry made by such a buyer. It's a quotation that describes the products, their estimated price, time of shipment, terms of sale as well as terms of payment

When there is a need to provide a quotation for a customer, you should select Order for the invoice type.

When creating an order type invoice "ProForma", product quantities will not be deducted from the stock

  1. Access the Invoices from the application menu
  2. Click Manage Invoices
  3. Click
  4. The new invoice window appears
  5. Make sure to select Order from the invoice type
  6. Follow the same instruction set out when adding an invoice
  7. Click

When the customer confirms or pay the order, you can move this order to become an invoice by clicking on