Credits & Returns

A customer credit (also known as a credit note, adjustment note, or credit memo) is money that you owe to a customer, while a return means a customer physically return prveviously purchased items for either credit or a replacement.

Wholesale Plus offers the following:

In this article, you will learn how to record customers' returns, credits and replacement.

Create Credit

Follow the next steps to create credit record:

  1. Access the Invoices from the application menu
  2. Click Credits & Returns
  3. Click
  4. The new credit window appears
    • Customer Search search for the required customer, type a name or ABN
    • Select the required customer from the search result
    • Credit can only be created for customers with previous invoices

    • Click and the following window appears:
      • Returned Qty enter the number of returned qty by the customer
      • All returned quantities will be added back to stock

      • Previous Invoices enter the number of previous invoices to be used when searching a product
      • Credit (No Returns) enter the number of product to be credited, customer fail to physically return the product
      • If not recorded as returned qty, credited items will be re-added to the stock

      • Replace (Returned) enter the number of items to be replaced, no credit shall be applied
      • Product Search search for a product by typing the product's name, description or scanning a barcode
      • A list of all previously purchased product shall appear
      • Click next to the product that you would like to include
      • Review all added products and adjust the correct quantities
    • Click
Applying Credits & Returns

Once you create a credit, use the feature when creating or updating customer invoices

Updating Credit Note

Click the Edit button under the Action column next to the credit that you would like to update

Applied credit items can not be updated.

Deleting a Credit Note

Click the Delete button under the Action column next to the credit that you would like to remove

Credits with applied or used items can not be deleted.