Shopping Cart

Use the Shopping cart feature to add all customer's order then checkout to create an invoice, shopping cart is designed to provide an easy method to record order by staff member or a customer, it can be used at the office or showroom or when a sales person visit customers onsite.

Classic Shopping Cart
  1. Access the Shopping Cart from the invoice menu
  2. Customers search for a customer
  3. Product Search use a keyword to search for the required products
  4. Adding to Cart
    • Click to add this product to shopping cart or increase the number of qty
    • The default qty is set to 1, or you can enter the number of qty to order and click the Add button

    • Click to remove or decrease the item's qty
    • Price enter the special price to override the displayed product's price such as when giving an extra discount for a customer
    • Notes click to write a note for this item such as an instructions for the person finalising the order after checking out!
    • Notes are used primarily between staff members to inform each other of certain rules or instructions to follow when finalising or picking up customer's order.

  5. Click to view the current customer's cart
  6. Click to submit the current cart items
  7. When you checkout, customer's cart will be cleared and new invoice is created which can be found under the invoices list

  8. Click to switch to product category view
Category View Shopping

Category view is designed to give you more flexibility navigating between categories, all you need is to pick up a category and all products will be displayed, you can also search for specific pattern or products within the categories.

Adding to cart feature is the same as per the Classic view.

POS Cart

This type of shopping is added to simulate the POS style system to make it easier when recording an invoice or taking a customer order.

Here are some of the POS Cart features:

POS Cart can be access from the classic shopping cart, invoices, or from the dashboard page, click to access the POS Cart feature