Adding a Product

The product name, identification numbers (Barcode), size, weight and description are some of the most common details to capture. We take it a step further with custom fields and attributes to give you more control over managing your products from discounts to retail availability.

It is highly recommended to record all purchases to ensure stock level are accurate, new products will be automatically added when you record new purchase.

Follow the next steps to create a product:

  1. Access the Product from the application menu
  2. Click InStock Products
  3. Click
  4. The new product window appears
    • Barcode enter a unique barcode
    • This field will not be visible if you set to hide the Barcode option under the system setup.

    • Product Name enter a unique product name
    • Make sure to use proper name to reflect the product itself, do not use long names, use meaningful words that can be used when searching for products.

    • Description enter the product's description
    • Category select the product's category from the drop down list
    • Type select the product's type from the drop down list
    • Expires select this option when the product has an expiry date and enter the expiry date
    • Qty in Hand product's quanity will be managed by the system based on the number of qty bought and sold
    • Damaged Qty shows the number of damaged quantity
    • Cost Price enter the cost price, cost prices are updated when you record new purchase
    • Selling Price enter the Selling price, Selling price is updated when you record new purchase with a Selling price figure
    • Tax Code select the appropriate tax for the new product
    • Retail Price enter the retail price if you offer this product as a retail sale
    • Discount Select one of the available discount options:
      • No - product with no discount
      • $ - fixed discount, enter the fixed discount amount
      • % - percentage discount, enter the precentage value, this type of discount will be calculated based on the total sale amount
    • Availability Select one of the available discount options:
      • Wholesale & Retail - available for both type of customers
      • Wholesale - available to wholesale customers only
      • Retail - available to retail customers only
    • Other Details click on this tab to enter more details about this product:
      • Materials - enter the product's materilas
      • Size - enter the product's size
      • Location - enter the storage location, use this option to easily locate the product when picking up an order
      • Min. Buy Qty - use this option as a selling method to induce your customers such as Buy 10 Get 1 Free
      • Free Qty - enter the number of free quanities when using this special sell
      • Double - if checked, the system will automaically double up the free qty once it reaches the minimum threshold
      • Sup. Ref# - enter the supplier's reference number
      • Ctn Qty - applicable to product with carton types, enter the number of qty per carton
      • Order Code - enter the supplier's order code
    • Price Level this feature is used to provide different pricing level for specific customers:
      • Price Level - select the price level
      • Selling Price - enter the Selling price

      To use this feature, you must setup the price categories under the system setup and assign each customer to their price category, when selling product to a customer with specific price category, the assigned Selling price will be used instead of the product's default Selling price if found.

    • Product Image use this option to upload an image for the product
    • By default, each product can have one image only, higher subscription allows you to add more images per product.

      You can upload images in many different ways, such as bulk upload, from a tablet or mobile phone, or by the using the mobile app.

  5. Click Save Changes