Products Sorting Order

Products are sorted in an alphabetical order by default, you can however create your own sorting order by placing your most sold or discounted items on top of the list.

Make sure to setup all categories under the system setup!

Follow the next steps to re-arrange products sorting order:

  1. Access the Product from the application menu
  2. Click Products Sorting Order
  3. The sorting order window appears
    • Category Select the required category that you would like to custom sort order products belonging to the selected category
    • To custom sort a product, drag the required product from the Unsorted Products section and move it to the Sorted Products section
    • Once you drop the product onto the Sorted Products section, the item background should change to green
    • You can also re-arrange the sorted product list by dragging the item up/down

    To remove product from the custom sorting, drag it back to the Unsorted Products section.