Bank Accounts

Manage all business bank accounts balance to ensure your finance is up to date, there are two types of bank accounts:

All type of transactions will be included when generating a bank report such as:

Debit / Credit term depends on the type of bank and the type of tranasfer or transaction.

Bank Report

Follow the next steps to view the latest figures of all bank accounts:

  1. Access the Finance from the application menu
  2. Click Bank Report
  3. The new bank report window appears
    • Date select the required date and click the search icon
    • Bank Summary click to view a summary report for the selected bank account
    • Bank summary allows you to view the latest transactions belonging to the selected bank account, you can also download a PDF bank statement for the required transactions.

    • Download place a check mark next to the bank account that you would like to download and click
Bank Transfer

It is highly recommended to record all transafers between bank accounts to ensure that your finance is up to date and to keep your bank reports as accurate as possible.

Follow the next steps to manage bank transfer:

  1. Access the Finance from the application menu
  2. Click Bank Transfer
  3. The bank transfer window appears
  4. Adding a Transfer - click
    • All bold fields are required and must be provided.

    • Pay From select the paying bank account
    • Pay To select the receiving bank account
    • Description enter a transfer description - optional
    • Reference enter a transfer reference - optional
    • Amount enter the transfer amount for the displayed currency
    • Currency code will be auto displayed based on the selected paying and receiving bank accounts.

    • Rate enter the transfer rate
    • Date enter the transfer date
    • Click
  5. Updating a Transfer - click to update selected transfer
  6. Deleting a Transfer - click to remove selected transfer