Cash Registers

A cash register is a term used to hold all cash transactions recorded by an employee, each employee will be considered as a separate cash register:

A cash register reconcilliation must be processed on a daily basis.

Viewing Cash Registers

Follow the next steps to access the cash registers:

  1. Access the Finance from the application menu
  2. Click Cash Register
  3. Select the required date and click the search icon
  4. A list of all cash registers should appear
    • Cash Register the name of the cash register (employee or userid)
    • Currency cash register currency, some cash registers might have separate currency as per their recorded transactions
    • Opening this is the amount where it was left in the cash register from previous reconcilliation, or it a transfer from the safe box
    • Debit (Paid) this is the amount that was paid to customers
    • Credit (Received) the is the amount that was received from customers
    • Cash Pickup the amount that was picked up by the business from the cash register
    • Closing this is what the cash register should have as a physical currency
  5. To view the current transactions associated with a cash register, click
Cash Reconcilliation

You should always reconcile cash registers at the end of each business day, follow the next steps:

Negative Cash Registers: you must fix the cash register by transferring an amount from the safe or re-checking the current transactions.

Remove Reconcilliation

In rare situation, there might be a need to remove the previously reconciled cash register, follow the next steps to remove the last reconciled cash registers:

You can only delete the last reconciled date!.

Once the delete is successful, the reconciled amount will be removed from the safe box.

Viewing Employee's Cash Register

An employee can access and view his/her current cash register from the logged in user menu.