Managing Customers' Employees

An employee is an authorised person sending funds on behalf of a non-individual customer.

Employees are applicable to non-individual customers only.

Employees Actions

With every employee, you can:

Adding an Employee

You can only add an employee when you process a money transfer transaction or currency exchange transaction.

Attaching Employee ID

Refer to the next section "Updating an Employee"

Updating an Employee

Employees details can be updated when a transfer transaction or currency exchange transaction is record, or it can be also updated from within the customer's details

Follow the next steps to update an employee:

  1. Access Customers from the application menu
  2. Click Manage Customers
  3. Click the Edit button under the Action column next to a non-individual customer that you would like to update an employee details
  4. The customer's details window appears
    • Click Profile tab
    • Click next to the required employee
    • The employee window appears
      • All bold fields are required and must be provided.

      • Type select the employee type
      • For direct employees, directors, shareholders or business owners, select Employee.

      • Employee Name enter the employee's first and last names
      • Contact Details enter employee's contact details if applicable
      • Address Details enter employee's address details
      • For Australian customers, type the first few letters of the suburb name and select from the search result.

      • Idnetification enter employee's id details
      • Upload ID click Choose file or Browse to upload employee's ID
    • Click
Deleting an Employee

Click the Delete button under the Action column next to the employee that you would like to remove

Employees with transfers or currency exchange transactions can not be deleted.