Importing Customers' Records

When you start with a large number of customers base, and you have all the information recorded on editable files, you can take advantage of the Import feature to add all your customers at once.

The import feature does not support import identification copies, you must upload IDs for each customer after a successful import.

Follow the next steps to import customers:

  1. Access Customers from the application menu
  2. Click Manage Customers
  3. Click
  4. The import window appears
    • Import feature supports individual customers only.

    • Template download the template provided in the import page
    • You must follow the same column structure as per the template, all columns marked as required, must be provided, failing to provide any of the required columns will fail adding customers.

    • Choose file click on Choose file or Browse and select the file to import.
    • You must store your data in the provided template as a csv file.

  5. Click